The Man With The Getaway Face (Parker, #2)The Man With The Getaway Face by Richard Stark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Part of the fun of reading this series now is the nostalgic feel of it. It’s fascinating to see how much the world has changed since these books were written. Phone books and phone booths. No constant surveillance. Could Parker even survive in today’s world? I doubt it.

In book 2 of the Parker series, our anti-hero is fresh from the plastic surgery he needed to change his face. He’s a target of The Outfit at the end of book 1, and needed to make them believe he was dead. Now he’s a man with a new face, a new lease on life, and it’s on to the next job. The next job, however, involves 2 men he’s worked with before, and 1 woman he doesn’t know. Once he meets her, he doesn’t like what he sees. But, he needs the money so, despite his apprehension he decides to do the job. On top of his misgivings about the job, someone has murdered the doctor who did his surgery and the doctor’s staff threaten to blow the whistle on the last three patients unless they can determine who murdered the doctor. Parker has to make the job work and try to keep the secret of his new face from The Outfit.

The side characters in this story aren’t full of depth, but they’re very memorable all the same. You may never see them again, but, in the course of this story, they fit. These books are quick reads and remind me of episodic tv. If you’re a fan of a story that moves, but won’t necessarily stay with you once it’s done, these are the books for you.

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