The StormThe Storm by Clive Cussler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m sure I’ve read some Cussler before, but I can’t think of any titles. I was searching for something to listen to on the Thanksgiving drive to, and from, Illinois. This was on the shelf, and it was read by one of my favorite audiobook narrators, Scott Brick. Even if it was horrible, it would be entertaining. Turns out, it wasn’t horrible at all. The characters were fun, if cookie cutter. The bad guys were very bad. The good guys were very good. There were no surprises in this book, you could predict what was going to happen from at least a mile out. It went by quickly, like an action movie, and that isn’t a bad thing. I think, if I had been reading the book instead of listening, I may have gotten a little frustrated by the lack of depth in the plot or the characters. There were few times, even while listening, that I rolled my eyes at the dialogue. There were times when it was a little too much “buddy movie” between the characters. But, while listening, I could also see the pictures it presented pretty clearly. I could see it as clearly as if I was watching it play out on the screen. This may be an indication that I watch entirely too many action movies. Or, it could be an indication that Cussler knows how to write this genre very well. It was crisp and clear and full of entertainment. Just know, when you pick this up, what you’re getting. Don’t start looking for deeper meanings or deeper characters. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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