for believing (or not) in intellectual freedom?

So, remember yesterday’s tweet about our most recent “Request for Reconsideration”? Turns out, it was from a 65 year old woman. Suddenly, I feel bad. Do I still believe it is ridiculous to think you can make decisions for an entire city based on what you, personally, find objectionable? Yes, of course. But, should the age of the person complaining make the complaint more palatable? Am I giving a pass because this is (likely) someone’s grandma? Probably. Of course everyone has a right to send letters to the library about the trash in our collections. If you hate something, write away. Right away! It’s only when it turns from “that book (dvd, cd) was a bunch of crap” to “NOBODY should be reading this, discard it immediately” that I have to stop and mock you. But, apparently, only if you’re under 65……