Justice League of America - JLA: Exterminators (Justice League of America) Justice League of America – JLA: Exterminators by Christopher Golden

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I wasn’t sure how this would translate to audio format but I shouldn’t have been worried. It was absolutely amazing. The voices were right on and some, like whoever did Batman, were flawless. GA’s tagline is “like a movie in your mind” and this really did flow more like a movie than a dramatization of a story, even though there was narration and not all dialogue.

The story was good, although you really have to pay attention in the beginning to understand what is going on. With an ensemble cast of characters, someone is bound to get shorted in the development area. If there was anyone here who got shorted, it might have been Wonder Woman. There was a little bit of characterization there, but certainly not as much as the boys. I enjoyed her parts, though. Aquaman came off as kind of a jerk. Batman too, although my love affair with him goes way back. I was always more Marvel than DC, so I’m less familiar with characters that didn’t make their way past the pages of comics into other media. Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Steel, etc. I liked getting to know more about them but I couldn’t tell you if they were done well or not because my experience with them is so limited to begin with.

Sometimes, as much as I have come to like audiobooks, listening to one person read to me is just not that interesting. This is a nice change of pace, and I really didn’t see a downside to it at all. If you like action, this is probably something you’re going to enjoy.

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