Mr. Fix-It (Indigo Love Spectrum) Mr. Fix-It by Crystal Hubbard

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
I’m sorry to give this book three stars. I really liked the characters in it. I LOVED both of the main characters and I thought Hubbard did a good job of making them more than just 2 dimensional cardboard cutouts. I liked the best friend of each, as well, but they were far from fully developed. It was the plot that was lacking. And, by lacking, I mean it was seriously underdeveloped. It took too many leaps. There is no way that I believe the ending from everything we’ve read in the beginning. And, even though you (the audience) knew that Carter was more than “just the fix it guy”, I still didn’t buy it. I will give Hubbard credit for making him unconventionally rich instead of old money. That was a new spin on and old idea. Good for her. Other than that, though, there wasn’t much to the plot.

But, even with all of those holes, the characters almost make up for it. If she would have tweaked just one or two things (shoring up the secondary characters, making a more plausible ending, showing a little more background, maybe through flashbacks or what have you) then this would have been a 4 star review. The characters were that good. And Hubbard’s use of humor in places were pretty good too.

Lastly, I have to say that it was nice to have a book about an interracial romance that wasn’t all “I’m black, you’re not black, it’ll never work. What about the children. Blah blah blah.” It never went down that road, and for that I’m more grateful than you know. Hubbard has the makings of a good author.

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