There seems to be this trend now where people do something usless and then write a book about it. Nice work if you can get it, I suppose.

The bigger question is WHY anyone would think this was interesting. I mean, he read the dictionary! Big deal. Okay, it wasn’t just any dictionary. I get that. The OED is huge. Gigantic. Ginormous, even. Volume upon volume, word after word, of knowledge. Straight up. No chaser.

I get it. But, seriously, if you’re not doing this while simultaneously performing heart surgery and making meth in the bathtub, I just ain’t that interested. Maybe that is cynical (maybe?!) but it’s also the truth. We’ve had A.J. Jacobs both read the Britannica from top to bottom and live a year as if he were in biblical times.

This dude read the OED. Nope. Not that interesting.